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Mission Statement

The mission of the Isle Area Learning Center is to provide students, who have been unsuccessful in the traditional school system, an environment that allows them to complete the requirements for graduation. 

The Staff

The Staff at the Isle Area Learning Center (Isle ALC) are committed to the idea that students need to take charge of their education. All students are able to excel when given the responsibility and consequences for their own learning

Isle ALC

Phone: 1-320-676-3721


The Isle ALC is approved by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning to Provide four educational components: Senior High/Adult Academics, Middle Level Academics, Elementary Level Academics, and Targeted Services/ Basic Skills.

610 Mille Lacs Avenue, PO Box 25, Isle, MN 56342


*All four components run 12 months a year with flexible hours and scheduling to accommodate students and parents work schedules.


*All four components require a continual learning plan for each student.

Phone: 320-676-3721 Fax: 320-676-3062

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