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Isle Area Learning Center
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Carol Visser Instructor

Randi Kautz Paraprofessional

The mission of the Isle Area Learning Center is to provide students, who have been unsuccessful in the traditional school system, an environment that allows them to complete the requirements for graduation.GED information is also available

The staff at the Isle Area Learning Center (Isle ALC) are committed to the idea that students need to "take charge" of their education. All students are able to excel when given the responsibility and consequences for their own learning.

The Isle ALC is approved by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning to provide four educational components: Senior High/Adult Academics, Middle Level Academics, Elementary Level Academics, and Targeted Services/ Basic Skills.

Senior High/Adult Academics
This component is designed for the student 16 years of age and older WHO is in need of an educational plan that can adapt to the changing situations of an adult student. This is an independent study program that requires that the student meet at least once a week with an instructor to pick up and drop off assignments. The learner will design a plan, with the instructors help, that will help the student reach the goal of a high school diploma. College/Vocational Credit for the learner in 11th & 12th grade is also an option through the Post Secondary Program. School to Work Students at this level are encouraged to seek employment if not already employed. Staff will assist, where possible, to help the student find employment through a number of sources that include, but are not limited to: Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Local Work Experience and apprenticeship programs *Credit towards graduation can be earned for successful completion of the local work experience class

Middle Level
This component is designed for the student in Grades 7-9 who has met the Education Options Program, (formerly High School Graduation Incentives, HSGI) for eligibility or, is referred by the local School district. This is a "seat based" program with students usually dividing their day between traditional high school classes, ITV (interactive television), and the Isle Area Learning Center.

Elementary Level
This component is designed for the student grade 1-6 who has been identified as in need of an alternative education setting. By raising the skill levels in basic subject matter such as reading and math at an early age, students will have the tools necessary to succeed. A placement meeting that includes, but is not limited to, the parent/guardians, traditional teacher, ALC teacher, and elementary principal will determine if the student meets the criteria for entry into the program. This is an extended day program that meets after school 2-3 days a week depending on the students individual needs.

Targeted Services / Basic Skills
This component is designed for the student in Grades 7-12 who are behind on credits or who need to pass basic skills testing. Learning opportunities are provided year round. Instruction will be provided from High School Staff in the appropriate content areas.This is an extended program that meets after school depending on the students individual needs.

* All four components run 12 months a year with flexible hours and scheduling to accommodate students and parents work schedules.

*All four components require a continual learning plan for each student.

Parent/Guardian The parent or guardian is the most important support person in each students life. Where ever possible parents or guardians will be included in all facets of their child's education. At the Mille Lacs Area Learning Center we have found that student success is in direct proportion to parental involvement.

Other public support services include:
Mille Lacs Family Services: Financial and counseling services
Mille Lacs Health Systems: Medical and counseling services
Rum River Education Coop: Special education services
Isle Public Schools: Counseling and career planning
Mille Lacs Band Of Ogibwe: Tribal social services
Mille Lacs County Community Services: Health and Basic needs services
Corner Stone Transitional Housing: Transitional housing for women
Rum River Crisis Pregnancy Center
Midstate Probation: Cooperative correctional services

Through constant flexibility, communication and collaboration, the Isle Area Learning Center offers each student another opportunity for academic and social success.

* For more information visit The Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs.

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